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    Bespoke Packaging

    We offer a bespoke packaging service for our customers that require custom made packaging for their products


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    New, Reconditioned & Heat Treated
    We can help with standard, reconditioned and bespoke pallets. Our bespoke service will find a solution for your pallet requirements


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    Retail Ready Packaging

    RRP from manufacture to the shelf ready for sale. Any size or style printed or plain. Conventional or Heavy Duty. We can help provide a solution that is easy to open, identify, shop and stock for your store.


Hand Wrap and Machine Film

Machine stretch film, and hand wrap film, for palletizing products, protects against dust and moisture. The stretch handwrap film available with standard flush cores or extended cores, tack levels make it ideal for cold stores, with 14, 17, 20, 23 & 34 mu thickness. Cast machine film is supplied in 16 kilo reels, less tack than hand and tighter finish. Black is an option for concealing products and extra security.